Day#74: Useful tricks & tips in Adobe Illustrator, Udemy Course

Day#74: Useful tricks & tips in Adobe Illustrator, Udemy Course

Useful tricks & tips in Adobe Illustrator by Daniel White

About the course

Lectures: 16 lectures

Total amount of video for the course: 1 hour

Skill level: all level

Course price: FREE

This is a Adobe Illustrator software course that I did just to brush up on my skills for Adobe Illustrator. It was very basic, but always keep in mind that we build habits around certain actions and may be forgetting other tools that can be making our lives easier.

Examples of what I learned in this course

  • The tutor introduces the scale tool, which I knew about from long ago but never seem to use. It could have saved valuable time here and there when using the program.
  • The action of; effects – stylize – round corners, this will save valuable time with icons and shapes for ui kits for when you want rounded corners

The videos are short and to the point, I have done reviews before on Udemy courses, but will probably have a post just on Udemy in general at some point. All in all, I think there are lots of courses on various subjects on Udemy, and nothing wrong with starting with the free ones first to see if there have anything of value to offer. Even the paid for courses are not that badly priced, happy researching!

Bye for now

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