Day#75: Agile and Scrum overview (part 1)

Day#75: Agile and Scrum overview (part 1)

About the course

Lectures: 8 lectures in total

Total amount of videos for the course: 40 minutes

Skill level: it states all levels (however I think it is best for beginner level)

This post is on yet another Udemy free course available if you are signed up, and FYI I am not being paid by Udemy ha-ha. So, in this video I want to go through project management tools and methods that assist with project development. My boyfriend is a software developer, so I have heard these terms when he is watching YouTube videos and talking with his other dev friends. Agile is described in the video as an umbrella term, methods like Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean, Kanban and RUP, Crystal, DSDM, FDD all fall under this category.

Extreme programming

  • More emphasis on technical practices, more of an agile engineering methodology
  • “customer” works closely with development to prioritize granular units of functionality, often referred to as user stories
  • Iteration process of deliverables every 1 – 3 weeks

Values of Extreme programming

  • Simplicity: doing only what is needed
  • Communication: everyone is part of the bigger team, daily communication
  • Feedback: demonstrate software often, make any needed changes
  • Respect: Everyone respects each other, dev will respect the customers opinion etc
  • Courage: Tell the truth, planning to succeed


I am going to split this into a few posts because the course explains all the different methodologies and I want to make sure I explain everything clearly without boring you with an extremely long post, happy researching!

Bye for now!

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