Day#76: Agile and Scrum overview (part 2)

Day#76: Agile and Scrum overview (part 2)

About the course

Lectures: 8 lectures in total

Total amount of videos for the course: 40 minutes

Skill level: it states all levels (however I think it is best for beginner level)

Today I will be discussing the lean methodology, its principles are owed to the lean manufacturing approach also known as just in time production. Pioneered by Toyota

  • The concept of illuminating waste
  • Optimizing the whole, and going from concept to cash
  • Building quality, and respecting those in the team
  • Improving relentlessly and committing to projects when you know what you need to do

7 lean principles

  • Eliminating waste
  • Amplifying learning
  • Deciding as late a possible
  • Delivering as fast as possible
  • Empowering a team
  • Building integrity in seeing the whole

The next post will be discussing Kanban as a methodology, funny enough there were some bad reviews for this course however I decided to give it a try because I really didn’t have anything to lose but time. As I have said before you may find a course frustrating if you already know all the content they are talking about, which may be one of the reasons it got bad reviews. The course does talk about resource material, which I have yet to see, and one of the reviews also mentioned that a false exam was mentioned in the videos. That is misleading and unnecessary maybe the instructor thought he would add it later or forgot either way unprofessional when you mention that you will get it and don’t. Something else that is frustrating about the course is the videos end a solid minute before the actual end of the video, and then you are sitting and staring at a static slide, I think they did this to make the videos look longer, but it is frustrating. I have done courses where the videos are short but informative and there is nothing wrong with that at all. Anyway, I did learn a lot about each methodology and it was a nice introduction, look out for more information on this course in project management next time. Happy researching!

Bye for now

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