Day#77: Agile and Scrum overview (part 3)

Day#77: Agile and Scrum overview (part 3)

This post is on project management methodologies and processes, often these processes can adapted to any field and the development field really has a variety to choose from. There are processes that become popular and are then adopted by generally all companies, however its interesting to understand the various styles of managing a project as it can really increase productivity and understand work flow.


  • Derived from a Japanese word, meaning roughly a signboard or billboard
  • Managing the creation of products with an emphasis on continual delivery, without overburdening the team
  • Uses a metaphor of a pipeline for software development, the pipeline is as follows. Requests – Dev time – Improved software
  • Reveals bottlenecks in the project management dynamically
  • Often organizations using Kanban will have boards displaying projects and where in the process they currently are. Cards will represent items in progress
  • There will be numbers on the top of the board displaying numbers of each card allowed in each column
  • Limiting the number of tasks in each section prevents over production and can reveal bottlenecks dynamically

Three basic practices of Kanban

  • Visualize all tasks in the workflow, and then seeing in context to one another
  • Limit the amount of WIP, this prevents teams from over committing and has a balanced flow based approach
  • Enhance flow, when something is finished the next highest priority from the backlog is pulled in WIP

Thanks for stopping by, I have one more post in this particular series on project management so come check out the blog tomorrow for info on Scrum the final segment.

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