Day#84: Red Route your portfolio

Day#84: Red Route your portfolio

Hi everyone! So I explained red routes and the importance of establishing the goal of the project from the get go in this post

However often Uxers sometimes fail to display the red route of their portfolio, by this I mean what is the goal of the portfolio? The goal is to convince a company to hire you! Or a client to hire you..Either way you are convincing X that you are worthy of the project/projects that they have in mind. The problem is many Uxers often include way too many projects or don’t explain the projects to the extent at which they need to. I did this a lot as a designer, having either way too many projects to show, and even sometimes showing completely irrelevant projects which just made my portfolio too long. I included a few tips to stay true to the red route of your portfolio, enjoy!

I think the flow of a portfolio should be as follows (Keep in mind this is just my opinion that I have found to work for me in the years of experience I have so far)

  1. An image of you on the front cover, we are visual and social beings. It is instinctual for us to want to put a face to the name and personality we are reading about. Also make the photograph a professional one
  2. Your contact details on the front cover and the last
  3. When it comes to the projects, make sure projects are well labeled. Think about the project from the perspective of the recruiter or possible employer. They don’t know the project the way you do, so explain well! Keep it to a maximum of 3 projects and explain, instead of having 10 projects and not enough space explain all the projects in enough suitable detail.
  4. Ask a friend, or if you are lucky an industry professional to take a look at your portfolio and CV before applying for any jobs. Ask them questions and get a feel for the type of person you are portraying. Ask them if they understand the projects you worked on, did you explain it well and what were things they think you should work on. Then you will know how to improve before actively applying for that dream job!

Check out this video by David Travis, who discusses how he looks at portfolios, very helpful for anyone looking to understand the behind the scenes process of portfolio assessments

David Travis is the mastermind behind a course on Udemy that I did recently, I haven’t included the review yet because I was debating whether to include paid courses in the #365 days to UX or not. I really think this course is worth the money though. Anyway I managed to find one of the last videos on the course on Youtube which I have shared above. Hopefully it gives you a feel for the methodical process teaching style that David Travis uses, i15t was really great for me as a beginner. Anyway happy researching!

Bye for now!

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