Day#91: The UX budget

Day#91: The UX budget

So this post is a bit more abstract, I want to talk about the budget that you the Uxer can have at any given time on a project. So in some instances it can refer to actual finance in relation to money spent to carry out the research. Perhaps incentivizing participants and a lot more scenarios that call for capital, however as Uxers we need to look at our time on the project as a resource as well. Often the company may want you working on multiple projects and you will need to understand which projects need more attention than others.

This does not mean that you can do one job less professionally than another, it simply means that when working out the process you will want to carry out for the entire project that the process may need to be reassessed. It is every Uxers dream to research till their heart’s content but often a project has urgent deadlines, and there a lots of other departments waiting to be briefed after a Uxer has the information they need to get the project rolling for others to work on. From past experience I have learned that you can not be a silo in the workplace even if you are the only Uxer and the company has not given you much feedback in relation to time allowed for the entire process. You still need to communicate all the time, so that colleagues are aware of your projections for the project deadlines.

Often advise is on presenting all research to stakeholders, but I think you should present your process to stakeholders and other senior company members who are involved in the project aswell. Do 3 different UX process projections of the project. Remember people get tired and start losing concentration as the meeting progresses, keep explanations short and simple, and have images instead of paragraphs of text. Have three different options one that is the perfect ideal situation with all the research needed, the second with less research then the last option with essentials for the project but really cutting out all the frills. There is not an exact formula for this and every project may need extra processes for different sections. The most important thing to remember is to communicate, know when the company wants to roll out, sometimes if a company is working with multiple companies they have briefed other companies on a certain date to start the project at. You will need to know all those details to be able to make your own deadlines and deliver on time! Happy researching

Until next time, bye for now!

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