Day#92: Spreading yourself to thin

Day#92: Spreading yourself to thin

Ok so last night I was absolutely dead, I got home from work and literally could not read or even listen to some interesting content which is what I normally do at least for an hour or so every evening. This brings me to relaxing, you absolutely need to take some time out to do something else. Now this piece of advice is for a small percentage of people who can become addicted to working haha! The rest of you move right along because you need to give your craft more time!!!

Now I say this without any judgment I have been on both sides, there was a time where I literally got home from work everyday and played Counter Strike for like 4 hours. For those of you who don’t know this game, it is an online first person shooter game, games can be anything from 40 – 60 minutes and I played maybe 3 or 4 a night. I literally wasted my entire evening, I mean I became really good after a while but at what cost it wasn’t advancing my career, I was in a bad space with my career unhappy in my day job but instead of coming home and making a choice to actively work on improving my circumstances I just gamed. This happens because a task can seem too large or scary, so I just decided to take the easy way out.

Now I have a moderate to slightly alarming obsession with UX, and this is not to boast about how much I love UX, ┬áit’s about giving some insight into my personality and how I deal with my healthy obsessive personality traits. As I was saying now I find I can dive super deep into a UX topic and read all the related studies and do a mock example on my own etc. I love it! The problem comes in where I still have a day job, and I am working on a start up. The blog also takes a large portion of my time as well, I never want to share false information or an article that is misleading. As you can see there is a lot on my plate and I sometimes, like last night just feel super overwhelmed. I decided last night to just chill for a bit and go to bed really early. However today I will be working on a plan of action to keep up to date with everything I am working on. The point is not work yourself to death then have to take a longer period to recuperate, for me I work on small breaks every now again so that I can stay positive and fresh on the task at hand. Happy researching!

Bye for now!

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