Day#93: Read one article a day

Day#93: Read one article a day

When I started this blog I had the idea that I would review articles and other resources in a summary fashion to make it easier for people to grasp complex topics quickly in the UX industry. I then grew my voice in wanting to talk about a variety of topics that spoke true to me as an individual. Today the topic is “read one article a day” It really does sound super easy, but when articles can have reference material and case studies and lengthy conclusions it can be a difficult goal to keep. The best trick would be to stick to one article, I often leave the tab open and read a few paragraphs in the morning and the rest in the afternoon when I am wanting some down time after meetings and deadlines etc.

Sometimes the articles won’t be as useful as you would have liked and you may not take anything worthwhile away, but that is no excuse to stop. It will also help you see which sites and platforms have the most interesting content over time and you will naturally be drawn to those resources. I find social media tools to be amazing for this, often we don’t give social media the credit it deserves. Just because you sit and look at cat videos on social media doesn’t mean that is all social media has to offer. I have created new accounts for Twitter and Facebook and have been keeping it very much inline with UX, psychology and research processes. The result is when I do need a break instead of going to my personal accounts I turn to these accounts. LinkedIn can also be amazing, I often find really interesting subject matter on LinkedIn and end up doing more research into the topic on my own. I will be doing another post on LinkedIn in general in the future but for now know that is not only for creating a persona for professional self. You can use it to follow other industry professionals and see what is trending in the industry you are passionate about. I recently connected with one of my role models in the UX industry and love reading articles and content that he shares. Connect with people and try chat to them about their experiences in the industry, sometimes people will blatantly ignore your requests but on the rare occasion you will find someone who is helpful and can give you some valuable advise.

Anyway try with one resource a day and slowly you will see you will be reading two, I often find myself going up to three a day nowadays, think about all that time watching TV that could be better spent! Happy researching!

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