Day#97: How to communicate professionally

Day#97: How to communicate professionally

So this was for me something that I had to learn over time, I grew up in a family who could not control their emotions very well and would have outbursts of emotion every so often. This then made me think that it was OK to behave in this way in general. I struggled in jobs were I would either be too honest about an issue in a meeting saying something that was probably blatantly rude in the moment and then becoming the opposite where I did not know how to voice my concerns in a professional manner. I would have to say this has been a real journey for me, knowing when to speak and when not to speak, knowing how to stand your ground but also remaining professional and maintaining the connections that you need in a work scenario. Here are some steps to always maintain good communication with employers and colleagues

  • Read mails carefully, nothing more embarrassing than responding to something incorrectly because you misunderstood the point in question
  • When you are emotional do not respond, I REPEAT JUST DON’T RESPOND!, I really prefer this method because something that seemed like 100% what you needed to say in the moment will be reconsidered when you are fresh in the morning.
  • No swearing in the workplace, this is fine if you are with colleagues and may seem like petty advise but it can really be detrimental to your reputation if you swear in the wrong situation. You think “Oh we are all adults here” but no don’t do it. I am a cursor of note so it really takes effort for me, even in normal conversations I have to contextually monitor myself that I don’t swear
  • Listen when other people speak, I know this employee who is constantly trying to state their knowledge on a topic and often does not listen closely to the statements made by others. You want to work well with a team and not every situation needs your input, listen to others they may bring great ideas to the table and in the end it will be better for the project on a whole
  • When responding on mails with your input or in general keep things short, try and work on the shortest possible answer to get to the point you are trying to make. I often read a mail twice before sending just to make sure I have said what I wanted to state clearly and to the point. We all hate reading mails and just want to get back to the tasks at hand, so do your team a favor and cut down on those essays!

In general communicating in the workplace is a technique that extroverts are generally better at, as an introvert I struggled with it for many years. Either being too friendly or being too professional in situations where I needed to tone it down. It will take time to build the right balance between your co workers and employers. Keep working at it and with time you will become better, don’t look at it as you are bad at it and that is it, I was also really bad at workplace communication and I have a long way to go before being completely confident in this area. Happy researching!

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