Day#98: Google’s material design, and how it affects UX

Day#98: Google’s material design, and how it affects UX

So I was first introduced to material design when working on our personal project which I am doing outside of my actual day job. We were looking at how to do the front end framework and I came across Google’s material Design. Basically material design at first glance can be explained as the structure that was created by Google to make creating Apps and platforms easier for companies and individuals. Here is a video to watch that shows how the Google team came up with Material Design and the type of design elements they took into account.

Material design has a lot more to offer than its facet of design, it also gives easy options for software developers and Uxers to easily create a user interface that ensures success for the user and looks aesthetically pleasing. Something to also mention is that Material design follows web content accessibility guidelines or simply WCAG guidelines. WCAG which I will be going into more detail in another post, but basically WCAG was created to assist users with disabilities on web platforms. This ensures that everyone has the ability to experience a platform. Check out the video below on an animation on the updates Google has made to material design more recently.

I am still learning about this vast concept of Google Material Design and WCAG so looking forward  to sharing a lot more content on my findings on the blog soon, until next time happy researching!

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