Day#101: Counter Strike Original UX & UI (part 2)

Day#101: Counter Strike Original UX & UI (part 2)

Hiya! for today I will be discussing Counter Strike the user interface and the games functionality. So firstly this is not my account, I didn’t know about the upgrades so didn’t screenshot before the new version came out. See comments on functionality etc below


  • Following the premise of users looking top right to left and then perhaps a “Z pattern” we see the home icon first then the “Play” button, and then rest of the navigation. I think perhaps to me as a user the “Watch” button is more important than inventory but perhaps through user testing the company discovered that inventory was more important.
  • The friends list is on the far right, and here you can right click on a friend and either invite them to join you in a game, join them in their game play, or chat to them on the platform


  • The mechanism of inviting a friend to a lobby and starting a game together is key to having a team based game, however with this game once the lobby owner has created the lobby they would need to stop the matchmaking process to add another player to the lobby.
  • As a individual player you can just start playing on your own, hence why the “Play” button is so clear and easy to find top left, however I think the functionality for creating a lobby with other friends was a little annoying at times
  • Something else that frustrated me was that when you create a lobby, you also have to change the settings to what you want (location circled below)
    • Basically you can choose to have an open lobby where players close by your location can join in with you, or whether you want the lobby to only allow users who are your friends to join or nothing at all. I often set it to nothing at all, reason being when you let anyone join you can get an array of different skill levels that confuse the matchmaking process (in my opinion from past experience)
    • I would have liked if the game remembered my previous settings, since I always set it a certain way and possibly have it as a default over time perhaps


Once you are in the game you have the above menu to buy weapons, I think this is not exactly the old menu and since they have done a complete redesign I won’t be able to easily screen grab the latest UI layout that I had before the upgrades. I remember learning the game and my partner telling me how I had to memorize the numbers before playing. Something like this is crucial for pro players where every second counts. However after losing my rank and not playing for months the game is rather easy right now even competitive because the game is trying to place me rank wise. You then have the below screen which is called a leader board, this displays ranking in the game in relation to kills, and various other criteria that can put a player at the top of their team.


Finally we have the map user functionality

  • The map is there to help a player see where they are in relation to contact with the opposing side,  team mates and the various locations of the map in general
  • The map has different colours for each team mate in competitive and red for the team of opponents
  • The colours mentioned don’t show in my example of the map because the map in this example is a casual game

Now that I have explained how the functionality of the original game works, I will be going into the changes made to the game UI and UX in the next post. Thanks for stopping by, and happy researching!

Bye for now!

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