Day#103: Stakeholder meetings, redoing the Counter Strike UX/UI (part 4)

Day#103: Stakeholder meetings, redoing the Counter Strike UX/UI (part 4)

Hi there! So I realized I have recnetly reached 100 posts yay to Uxergirl!! It has been a real journey and I have really developed my own writing style and learned a lot along the way. Only 265 posts to go phew, hopefully I can make it there without too many distractions from my end goal. If you have not been keeping up with previous posts I have been droning on about Counter Strike Go. The FPS game that I love so much. In this post I want to go over the presentation/question format I would do with Stakeholders, I am liking this type of format, maybe I will do more of these on different brands, products etc moving forward, for now though check out my stakeholder meeting break down below.

Stakeholder meeting

  • Dependant on the company, doing an introduction to what you will be doing for the company will really move the stakeholders and help understand how what Uxers do is crucial for the business. Often even if a company are hiring you knowing that you are a UX designer/researcher they want you to do all the research in a flash. Explain the process of what you will be providing and how you aim to get to the end goal.
  • Circumstances really depend on the company in particular and you will need to surmise if stakeholders like having face to face discussions or would prefer emails with the various questions you would need answers for
  • I would then discuss the actual product and how the Counter Strike Go platform can be improved with valuable user research. At a company like Valve I’m sure these things are already being implemented, however you will also be able to gauge the level of UX that is being implemented into the project as a whole

Simple questions for stakeholders

  • What are the goals for the product
    • Sales would probably be the goal, but then further to that you have different types of sales through the game.
    • During the Acquisition process the marketing of getting users to buy the game would be very different to the in application purchases made by converted and active users
  • What is the roll out deadline
    • This is crucial for the UX team to understand what they have time for in the research and design process.
  • Establishing a project management system
    • This will only be the case if there is not one in place already, perhaps present the concept of an agile environment if you know the company is not utilizing it. However with a company like CSGO I’m sure they are already

Something important to do after this initial meeting is to present the company with your schedule, this will prevent a situation where you have a plan in mind on all the research processes and methods you will conduct, but it will not work in line with the projected roll out that the company wanted etc. Will be discussing more on this in the next post, happy researching!

Bye for now

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