Day#105: User interviews with CSGO gaming experience (part 6)

Day#105: User interviews with CSGO gaming experience (part 6)

In the last post I went through the types of questions one can ask new, beginner and intermediate users. The questions in the previous posts are ideas on the types of questions you can ask in the user interview process. The key thing to take under consideration is that you can not direct users to a certain answer. An example of a question that tries to direct the user is “Do you think the interface is easy to use?” or “Does the interface look unique to you?” This is directing the user using an adjective that is preconstructed in the question already, you are giving the idea to the user and they may feel cornered to agree with you in certain situations.

Here are some questions for the skilled to highly advanced players

  • Which maps do you prefer and why do you prefer it
  • What type of guns do you use the most and why do you choose those guns
  • Do you often enter into a game with team mates in a lobby or que for a game on your own
  • What is the most important thing for you to get to on the interface
  • How do you find the experience of interface on a whole
  • How common do you think hacks are in the competitive space and do you think the CSGO platform is dealing with guilty parties of this nature
  • Do you assist with over watch duty
    • Can you spot cheaters easily? What are the tells for spotting a cheater
    • How often do you confirm that an overwatch suspect is guilty through the overwatch platform
    • Do you think the Overwatch platform makes it clear for the Overwatcher to spot any form of cheating or griefing in the replay of the game
    • Do you get rewarded for participating?
  • Do you buy skins through the platform?
    • How often do you buy skins
    • How much do you spend on the skins
    • Do you follow new skins released etc
    • Which skins do you prefer
  • Any thoughts on the wording that the in game characters have for each side?

These are the types of questions I would ask working on the project in user interviews, see how detailed these questions are. It is also very helpful that I already know the game very well having gone through the new novice user experience to the semi skilled player that I am now. I can see how conceptualizing questions like this would be extremely difficult if you don’t know the game. However as a UX designer you need to understand the business model very well, so that needs to be done first, then you can move onto the next process of gathering information on users through user interviews etc, happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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