Day#106: User interview answers: CSGO gaming case study gaming project (part 7)

Day#106: User interview answers: CSGO gaming case study gaming project (part 7)

Hi everyone so technically this is part 7 in my project on CSGO reworking the UX/UI, it was inspired by the complete redesign that Counter Strike Go went through recently. I initially just wanted to do a review of the new interface but thought it would be interesting to do a mock project overview with all the steps I would follow for the research process. In the previous post I had a list of questions for the UX team to ask skilled and professional players. I then got my fiance to answer them, enjoy!

Questions for the skilled to highly advanced players

  • Which maps do you prefer and why do you prefer it
    • “When I play a lot then I tend to get bored of the regular maps, but since I have not been playing in a while I now prefer the basic Dust2 map which is the most popular”


  • What types of gun do you use the most and why do you choose those guns
    • “I use an AWP which is a sniper rifle, however it is a expensive gun, so I often have to go 3 – 4 rounds saving up to use this gun. Before that I use a UMP which is close range and much cheaper”


  • Do you often enter into a game with team mates in a lobby or que for a game on your own
    • “Yes always enter into a competitive game with at least one friend from my friends list”


  • What is the most important thing for you to get to on the interface
    • “The friends list, and then starting a game. Reason being I don’t start a game without a friend”


  • How do you find the interface
    • “The communication on the game is difficult and it feels as if I have to go outside the game to message my friends. Teamspeak which is a voice activated chat communication platform is built to work with CSGO game, however if you have an actual message you have to tab shift to see the message pop up”


  • How common do you think hacks are in the competitive space and do you think the CSGO platform is dealing with guilty parties of this nature
    • “I think its common enough that we experience it on a regular basis, and I don’t think that they are not doing enough for it. I think their solution is inadequate”


  • On that topic do you assist with over watch duty
    • “I have been offered to assist with Overwatch duty but no I don’t assist with it”


  • Can you spot cheaters easily?
    • “I don’t think you can spot a good cheater, you can spot someone that is very blatantly obviously cheating. However if someone is trying to hide the fact that they cheating then it will be difficult to identify”


  • What are the tells for spotting a cheater
    • N/A


  • How often do you confirm that an overwatch suspect is guilty through the overwatch platform
    • N/A


  • Do you think the Overwatch platform makes it clear for the Overwatcher to spot any form of cheating or griefing in the replay of the game
    • “No not clear, its very opinion based. Based on in your opinion does it look like the person is cheating”


  • Do you get rewarded for participating in Overwatch duty?
    • “Maybe, but not 100% sure”


  • Do you buy skins through the platform? 
    • “Just once I bought x2 skins for my girlfriend”


  • How much do you spend on the skins you own
    • “R200 for all and I got 3 skins”


  • Do you follow new skins released etc
    • “No not at all”


  • Which skins do you prefer
    • “Blue ones I suppose”


  • Any thoughts on the wording that the in game characters have for each side?
    • “I notice when the characters speak, but don’t really pay much attention to it”


What’s interesting is my feedback is completely different for the game, we both in the same skill level yet we use different guns and notice different content on the interface. Thanks for stopping by, until next time happy researching!


Bye for now!

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