Day#107: Understanding users with existing research CSGO gaming project (part 8)

Day#107: Understanding users with existing research CSGO gaming project (part 8)

Welcome back to the longest series so far on my blog where I break down a project with processes, methods and ideas on how to reach the goal of providing a valuable end product. Ofcourse I won’t be bringing up every single process a Uxer could do, however I am hoping that I can shed some light on my processes etc. In the last post I went through answers from one particular user, this is by far not even close to enough research that would be needed for a project as large as Counter Strike Go. The game has players all over the world, and a vast difference in skill level of players and types of game play offered. Once a large number of user interviews are done the data would need to be collected and tabulated. There is software that can then track answers however UX Researchers and designers need to work on coming up with questions that will pull the type of answers that will be beneficial for assisting the user experiance.

The next step would be working on Persona’s these are drafted from looking at commonalities on various profiles that are created from the user interviews. In Counter Strike Go the various personas can be easily separated by the ranking system that the game already uses. The rank of the user can be seen below  and it is situated above the users friends list (for this particular user his rank is represented by an AK 47) I also just thought I would look for platforms that display the below information since CSGO normally releases stats on the game play anyway, will include some of the links I find relating to the questions below as well.

Image result for csgo main menu

  • What Rank are you
  • How long have you been playing CSGO
  • What guns do you use mostly
  • What maps do you like
  • Do you purchase Skins
  • What do you love & hate about the game
  • What do you think about the match making process
  • Which do you play the most: deathmatch, casual or competitive
  • How much do you spend on Skins on a regular basis


References for resource material on users

I managed to find  A LOT of interesting data on CSGO players. The platform already collects information like this, so dependant on the company it may save you a fair amount of time to check with if the company can pull the sort of data that will help you formulate personas, happy researching!

Bye for now!

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