Day#111: What is your UX process, interview questions and how to handle them

Day#111: What is your UX process, interview questions and how to handle them

In the last post I had some common interview questions and in this post I will be breaking down each question and answering them in the best way I think possible. This is my method for understanding and tackling these questions so feel free to add your own character to your answers in your next interview, enjoy!


What is the UX process that you follow for a project

When I first learnt UX I learnt about very structured processes to be followed and ways in which research can be conducted etc. Now I have come to realise that every project is different, variables like time, finances and the over all details of the project can really change the process for a project at hand. There is however a rough structure that I follow and this would be carried out as follows

  • Learn and understand the project
  • This means meeting with stakeholders, staff and other departments internally involved with the success of the project
  • Develop a plan of action for the project to be carried out in, then communicate the timeline with stakeholders/clients to ensure that the research you envision to be done will be carried out without pressure to conclude the project in a rush
  • Understand the users and their wants and needs
  • Collect the information on the users and share with all relevant parties in the company
  • Ensure that information can be referred back to easily
  • Use information collected and recorded to ensure that the experience users are having is the most productive and fruitful experience possible
  • Consistently iterate, even though the project may have gone live you still need to continually monitor the performance of the platform/App etc. Test with current users and find out what works and what can be improved

When I look at the above, I have basically just spoke about what the core of UX is for me, I think I for one always love processes so in the beginning when learning about UX I was adamant about conducting certain processes, I had this opinion that if I didn’t do this particular process then the project would not be great. Obviously sound research is the aim of UX but no single process can be pinpointed as being the best of them all. Sometimes something that worked well for one project may not even be needed for another project. I know that a question like this can really be stressful when you have so many ideas but state your baseline structure and then work your way up talking about all the ideas you would consider, happy researching!

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