Day#112: What are some Apps etc that you love, interview question

Day#112: What are some Apps etc that you love, interview question

Hiya so for this series of posts I thought to answer a different interview question in each post, the concept of preparing for interviews is common place for me. It really makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I step into the interview room, often some or all of the exact questions I prepared don’t get asked but more often than not it is a similar question to ones I have prepared for. With that in mind I will be diving into the question, “What is some content that you love in the online space right now”. This question is for organisations to get to know what you like, I think it also helps to gauge if you are passionate about the field you are interviewing for. I personally love going into a new game, website or App and considering all the UX in the virtual space I am in.

Don’t worry too much about using examples that relate to your direct industry, for example I often refer to gaming UX and Mobile App UX, this is what I love spending my time doing when Im not working on the blog. The company is not expecting you to give feedback on a UX related site they just want to see the types of platforms you enjoy and why do you enjoy it. Make sure to give a few examples and say why exactly you like them, and don’t be afraid to say the reasons that you may dislike the site/platform as well. I love CSGO as you have seen from my series of posts on the game UX and the new UI however it really helped me understanding gaming UX on a deeper level by looking at both the positives and the negatives of the platform. As an added bonus, I have included a video from Linda’s channel below, Linda does videos on clear and concise ways to improve your interview game so check her out!

Happy researching until next time!

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