Day#113: Who are your role models in the industry, Interview question

Day#113: Who are your role models in the industry, Interview question

I actually was not asked this in my last interview, I think its another way to try see what an individual’s passions are. With all these questions try maintain a professional answer, you can include influences that are personal but it has to relate to your professional persona that you are trying to portray. My role model is one I found on my UX journey, and his name is David Travis. I did a course through Udemy whereby he was the instructor, I really enjoyed the way he structured the course, and explained content. He had interesting assignments and thought provoking quiz questions that got my mental UX juices flowing. I then managed to connect with him on LinkedIn and I found out that he is working on another book in the UX space, (Think like a UX Researcher).

Ofcourse Don Norman and Jacob Nielson are a must to follow on any social media platform. I often get stuck in watching their line of YouTube videos on UX processes, production and projects. The videos are short and to the point and the NN/G (Nielsen Norman Group) is constantly doing studies on UX best practices and research that could prove informative on your next project.

Whoever your role models are make sure that it shows that you are keeping up with current affairs in the UX space and that you display that with the types of content you learn from your role models. Often the individual interviewing you may have no idea who the person you are referring to is, but explaining why they are a good role model to you is what will help convey an important message in this situation. Happy researching until next time

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