Day#115: Do you prefer to work alone or in a team, interview question

Day#115: Do you prefer to work alone or in a team, interview question

This question used to always stump me, and after some introspection I know why. I am a hard worker by nature and enjoy putting my all into what I am working on, in the past I have become extremely frustrated with others who don’t have the same values as me or who don’t have the same skill set but are claiming ownership of the work that I do. I have come to realise as I get older that I can’t change how others behave whether it be in my professional or personal life. I can only control my own actions and ensure that my own work ethic and projects are done to my best efforts. So for this reason in the past I would say that I struggled working in teams, I am also an introvert and I would naturally prefer to be in my own world working on projects, however this is not how the working world works. I have learnt from many professional experiences how to deal with people and I always say so in interviews. I say that I like getting my work done on my own but I am comfortable with communicating and liaising with a team discussing advantages and disadvantages of a project. This will seem more realistic over the person that just says yes to being both a team player and someone who can work on their own

In an interview where this question is asked I often also mention that I always do my best to remain professional and concise in my work ethic and communication. Yes there will be a multitude of different personalities that you will have to work with in your professional career however their is a baseline of professionalism that you will need to master and portray irrespective of the circumstances. I have recently had the pleasure of working with someone who is really good at this. She is a senior manager and has a very high EQ in relation to her staff. She knows that reprimanding should be done one on one and does not openly take sides between her staff. She allows for people to get on and do their work and when the time comes she is formal yet to the point when mistakes are made. She has really taught me a lot about managing people and I hope that one day I can be half as good as her when I manage a team.

Below is a video on giving the best impression and seeming like the right fit in your next interview, happy researching!

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