Day#117: Why should we hire you, Interview question

Day#117: Why should we hire you, Interview question

Hi everyone so this is the last question in this series where I have been going through common interview questions and breaking them down and showing some of my own ways of answering these questions. I have actually not been asked this particular question before, why though  I really have no idea.. What I do know is that I often prepare an answer for it anyway if I really like the role. However I feel at this point in my career I want it to be a mutual contribution with the company displaying what makes that particular company interesting and a valuable experience for me in my career as well as me displaying what makes me great for the role. You can search all you want online but it can be difficult to see a company’s true persona from just their website. However now we have things like social media, where you can see how companies interact with customers and display their professional persona on a multitude of social media platforms. Still asking about the company culture, project management styles and over all processes for projects in the interview will help you decide if the role really is for you.

In a situation where you are really happy with the company don’t feel disappointed if they don’t ask you why they should hire you, volunteer the information and say how you would love to be apart of the team and how you see value in the skills that they already have, as well as what you could bring to the table. Often we have questions and answers prepared and then when it is not asked in the way that we planned we walk out the interview not having displayed the right type of information that we wanted to. Theoretically if I got asked this question I would draw from the information gathered from my research about the company ethos and goals and align my goals and personality with that of the company. This is only if I really feel that I am the right fit, if however I don’t feel that I would fit in. I take that moment to perhaps ask more questions about the company and explain that I want both parties to be extremely sure about all decisions made and that’s why I want to find out more. There is nothing wrong with saying you would like to think about the role more, this touches on companies which may offer you the job right then and there. It has been a shock for me in the past and to be honest I accepted it because I was desperate, however in the future I would be hesitant to just sign an employment contract like that now and in the future to come. If you do have a company that offers you the job on the spot ask if you can have some time, and if at most you can have 24 hours to decide.

Often companies do this knowing full well that people are on the market, the longer you have the more you can compare offers and possibly not choose them. So take your time if you have that as an option and choose wisely sometimes we are also so excited in the moment to be offered a job that we don’t consider all the details of the role. Does it have any clauses that prevent you from freelancing or restraints of trade for a certain period of time? Think about all these decisions carefully and good luck with your next interview! Happy researching until next time

Bye for now!

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