Day#119: The Norman Door

Day#119: The Norman Door

I was always the person confused with things, for example I would push the door when it needed to be pulled or walk towards the wrong escalator etc. I think it’s because I am always either deep in thought or being distracted by something around me, anyway often after my embarrassing mistake I would look around for clues, seeing how others avoid those obvious mistakes and I don’t always find them. I think it’s because sometimes these actions are learned over time, or culturally related to a specific area.  I have noticed how in my home country we drive on the left hand side of the road and our steering wheel is on the right, what is rather interesting is often people tend to walk that way as well. Escalators are placed in relation to our national driving standards and people often walk in this fashion in malls and on staircases as well. These are all small nuances that are cultural that can affect the architecture of a project very drastically, for example I recently saw an escalator that did not follow this principle and a few people (after watching for a while) got it wrong a few times and were confused by the whole situation but simply carried on their way. I think this happens because of poor research and planning and also perhaps because it may be an international company that is installing the escalators and they don’t take into account the local difference in walking patterns here.

I found this video by Vox where they discuss doors and the UX of implementing easy to use doors in a number of different environments. Whats funny is there is a theory called The Norman Door which I have never heard of before, obviously named after Don Norman. It basically talks about a door that considers the UX of functional doors that are easy to use, enjoy the video!

Happy researching until next time, bye for now!

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