Day# 126: UX survey for a hospital visit, part 1

Day# 126: UX survey for a hospital visit, part 1

I recently had a procedure at the hospital, I am going to be doing another post on the Doctors visit form procedure which was a bit of a nightmare but for now I will just be going through the details of the online survey that the medical aid company issues to you after your stay at the hospital. While I was at the hospital, I must say though that the whole process was very easy. I thought I would have an insane amount of forms and protocols to go through however prior to the operation I applied for my admission through the hospital, the hospital then applied directly to my medical aid and everything was approved. Something that I always find frustrating is trying to understand my medical aid plan, I have used the wrong doctors in the past because my medical aid simply did not update their list of doctors, and I have had to pay extra on procedures because the entire amount is not covered for specific surgeons etc. The whole medical insurance industry is so laced with jargon that the average person needs to spend a lot of valuable time trying to understand the method behind the madness. I think yes a lot of time it is complicated for a number of reasons but one of the main reasons I see is the inability to understand that not everyone works in the medical or medical insurance field and understands the jargon that is used. We have the issue as people, take someone telling you their job title for example indicating that they handle General systems logistics for a commercial supplier. Can sometimes be confusing if you are not in that industry and understand the wording, the same way the medical industry needs to maintain a simple efficient way of explaining situations to patients..


I have noticed this when I was asked details about what my procedure was called by nurses and the medical insurance company. Something else that annoyed me was how they wanted so much details about my personal life. I gave them a contact person for in case of an emergency but then they wanted a second person, when I said I had nobody else I would like to add, I was met with a “So you have nobody else?” I think in the case of someone who really does not have anybody else it really is not the right question to ask, I was then asked if I would like to put someone from my workplace, which was honestly even worse for me. I did not want anybody knowing about my procedure for the sake of privacy and having the hospital call a colleague because they cant get hold of my partner was not going to be OK either. I think sometimes the need for procedure outweighs the human essence and if the person asking me all those questions before admitting me had taken a second they would have noticed the uncomfortable situation that they had created.


Before being admitted I indicated I was vegan when I was asked about dietary restrictions and preferences etc, however when I was in the ward I was given the wrong meal menu options and it took forever to remedy this issue. The catering company even brought me the wrong food twice. This made me apprehensive to even eat the food, thereafter they apologized because apparently the kitchen got confused between chicken and chickpeas. You will be able to find the survey and the answers and my review of the survey experience on a whole in the next few posts to follow, happy researching until next time!

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