Day# 131: Interview with a software developer

Day# 131: Interview with a software developer

Hi everyone so I finally got around to doing an interview with my fiance, if you have not read any of my previous posts he is a self taught software developer. He has really been an inspiration to me working on his craft evening after evening. We are both working towards bettering ourselves and our careers, and I feel as my career has progressed from designer to UX we have had more things to talk about from project management to various systems and even how our two industries interlace over one another. This is a two part post, in this first segment we will be talking about software development and what he has observed in the industry thus far, in the next post I we will be going through the relationship that software development and UX has and how he has experienced it to date.


  • What do you do currently in your role as a software developer
    • I am a back end developer, mainly work with .net currently I work on an event driven architecture for real time complex event processing. Our system allows us to detect actions of the user as they happen and derive meaning from them so that we can react accordingly. 



  • How do you learn and keep up to date in the industry
    • A number of platforms from Youtube, Blogs, Podcasts and official documentation then with that knowledge I produce side projects for practical experience



  • What are companies accomplishing well when working with developers
    • So I think what they are accomplishing well is the fact that we are moving more towards a modern work style. Where interviews can be done online, there are work from home hours, more flexible working hours, stronger focus on people, reason being because in development it is not something that you can just put in more hours, more people and solve a problem. It requires nurturing of existing staff



  • What are companies failing at when working with developers
    • Companies are struggling with leadership because they don’t want to impose rules on developers, and that can often leads to developers going astray, not being aligned with the organization, so what they need is true leadership where someone can guide them without hard rules



  • Why do you love development
    • Because it is continuously changing, meaning you have to continuously learn, there is always problems to solve so everyday is different. People don’t think about it as creative industry, but it is often highly creative in relation to the ideas you come up with, and the way you structure and communicate your code. Code should be like a book that you write not for a computer to read, but for other people to read



  • What is a key trait that makes a good software developer
    • There is a few things, so they must be able to problem solve, learn fast, be able to communicate well and most important be able to Google well.



  • Can you share some guidance for aspiring software developers out there, what should they learn, focus on if they want to succeed in this ever changing industry
    • The first thing is you need to write code for a computer to run software, and that is just to get it working, after you are able to get things working then you want to look at how can you look at getting things to work better more efficiently. Then lastly but probably the most important thing for companies is that you write your code so that other human beings can read and understand it


  • Any particular resources you would like to share for inspiration (role models, video presentations etc)
    • Check out these videos on the way Spotify runs their organisation


The various structures that developers have in place always interests me, coming from a design background as much as agencies tried to have order and structure there were never systems like this in place in all the agencies I have worked at. Looking forward to the next post, where I share the interlacing relationship between software development and UX, happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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