Day# 134: Working on my feelings of impostor syndrome, part 2

Day# 134: Working on my feelings of impostor syndrome, part 2

Hey Uxers! In my last post I discussed my personal experiences with impostor syndrome and how it can affect one’s career. In this post I want to go through how one gets to the point of Impostor syndrome, and for this I first refer to the video below

After watching the video which discusses self esteem, self efficacy and locus of control, you can see where Impostor syndrome would fit in, for example people who have an external locus of control would not easily suffer from Impostor syndrome because in their mental state the problem is not their fault, the mistakes are not their own etc. With impostor syndrome the individual suffering from the syndrome feels as if they do not fit in, and often it can be attributed to their own self confidence and self esteem. I think that Impostor syndrome can be curbed by individuals working on self efficacy, “self efficacy [as the video describes] is belief in one’s capability to succeed in a certain situation. I personally feel that working on one’s self efficacy will help changes the feelings of Impostor Syndrome. How can this be done check out the following tips below


  • Get experience in the industry, perhaps you are having impostor syndrome because you are fresh out of college or interning, working on your abilities with personal projects and freelance work will help you gain self efficacy to believe that you can succeed
  • Time generally helped me, I felt the impostor syndrome every time I started a new job, however becoming comfortable in a position and using your skill set to better the project over time will help you see your value and increase your self worth
  • Finally as cheesy as it sounds fake it till you make it! Pretending to be confident in the beginning will help, it will create habits in your brain and with time you will actually feel confident with tasks


Good luck with with kicking Impostor Syndrome, and happy researching until next time!


Bye for now

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