Day# 140: The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content – Nathalie Nahai

Day# 140: The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content – Nathalie Nahai

I recently came across this interesting talk by Nathalie Nahai, The Secret Psychology of Persuasive Content – Nathalie Nahai, is an international speaker, author and web psychologist. Here is a link to a review of Nathalie’s book, which by the looks of it seems amazing. The author of the article discusses how all Nathalie’s statements follow through with research and studies, something that is so important for me as well. Nothing more frustrating than just being expected to believe something because the author says so without any reference material.


Nathalie also has an interesting Podcast which I have been listening to lately however it seems she no longer uploads content on this site anymore, still a good listen. I just listened to the podcast where Nathalie chats with Stephanie Shirley a successful visionary IT entrepreneur, it was rather interesting to hear about her experiences in a male dominated industry, and how she strategically changed her name to a male name to get her foot in the door for meetings and deals. I love hearing about tenacious women and Stephanie Shirley seems like one of them! The talk below flows so well, and Nathalie goes through explaining how personality tests like the Myers Briggs personality test can be unreliable and how individuals found to exhibit completely different results from one time to another of taking the exact same personality test. Nathalie goes on to discuss how we should be directing advertising with examples and clear explanations relating to a core Big five personality traits system. Thanks Nathalie for this interesting presentation!   


I think some brands already do this so well, and in UX we would define this in more detail as research into our users and persona development. Persona’s to explain briefly is information that is collected on various users from user interviews, surveys and on site testing. Information that should be collected is not only about the product but relating to potential users and their lifestyle, what do they enjoy doing in their free time, their financial status, and their comfort ability with technology. It is at this point where disabilities and other constraints should be noted as well, for more info on persona’s check out this video below by Sarah Doody a successful UX designer and entrepreneur in the United Sates. I like how Sarah brings up points discussing why the persona process has received a bad reputation, and how as UX designers and researchers it is our responsibility to push for such research and explain the importance of conducting such research into understanding the users of the business. Happy researching until next time!


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