Day# 146: A look at the latest most adorable Robot by Anki, welcome Vector onto the scene!

Day# 146: A look at the latest most adorable Robot by Anki, welcome Vector onto the scene!

Hi everyone! So for today I decided to look at Anki’s new product Vector, it is so adorable and first caught my attention on LinkedIn. Vector is a little hand sized robot that rolls around and can communicate with you on a number of topics, he can connect to the internet and because of that can answer questions on weather etc, very similar to Alexa’s capabilities and actually Alexa has been rumored to be in the pipelines for Vector in the near future. What I thought was really amazing was that Vector responds to touch and has facial recognition abilities.

This really set him apart, what’s interesting is when I spoke to people about Vector they assumed he would be over $1000, however Vector is very well priced coming in at $249.99 (15 October 2018) Check out Anki’s home page for more info on pricing and details on Vector.


I also wanted to include a review of Vector by the Tech Chap, he noted that Vector did struggle to understand him, when he spoke fast, and how Vector doesn’t just roll over the edge of surfaces which gives him an air of independence. He is meant to symbolize a very multifaceted pet I think and it is accomplished pretty well.

I must say though that I won’t be giving up my love of fluffy animals for Vector just yet, since I really love petting my little fur babies haha! Just a quick one to note before I sign off for today, the last thing that is fascinating about Vector is how he charges himself if his charger is close by. I think this is certainly displaying advances in the robotics industry, however I don’t think it will become as interactive as companies would like. The idea of playing BlackJack seems like a novelty experience and one that I may do a few times before getting back to my other activities. The eyes on Vector are very adorable though and I think it’s the animation that give Vector such lifelike features. Happy researching until next time!


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