Day# 151: My recent recruiter experience

Day# 151: My recent recruiter experience

Recruiters have tough jobs, every industry has its ups and downs but really recruiters get a lot of flack from people all the time. Either they didn’t help enough, or they were only involved at the end, I have had a variety of recruitment experiences and probably only one or two actual interactions that stand out for me. Most recently though I have had a really odd encounter and I thought I would share it. Often I include people’s names with an interview or something that stood out for me in what they are doing in the UX industry etc. However since this was not a positive experience I won’t be naming the individual or the company that the recruiter was associated with.


First encounter

Moving forward I will be referring to the recruiter as Jane, so to start off Jane contacted me on LinkedIn. She sent me a message indicating she had a UX Design position and if I would like to apply. Here is a copy of the message

“Hi, trust you are well. Are you currently in the job market? I have a UX Designer role for a reputable IT company. If you are keen please forward me your CV to XXX I will forward the job spec accordingly.”


I get this is a process, that Jane has to follow perhaps from senior management but the whole process of recruitment seems very one sided, I have to forward my CV and then only will I receive the job spec. I actually have no idea what the role even is at this point, or if the role matches my salary expectations or goals for my career. I then followed with a message being open minded that it could still be a valuable position and indicated that I would like to see the job spec first before sending through my CV etc. I was then sent the Job spec which did indicate a fair amount about the position. However the remuneration was missing, I really understand that sometimes companies are testing the market to see what bites they get in terms of candidates however I have been in the situation before where I have gone for the interview and even done the company test only to be met with the exact same salary I had originally minus benefits. I was not about to have history repeat itself, so I did include in my mail asking about the salary. Something else that is to be noted that was missing was the area that the company was situated in. I totally get that Jane did not want to share the company name with me for fear of me going directly to the company and applying with them. However in a city with huge amounts of traffic, I need to know from the get go where the position is. Companies want to believe that when you are passionate you will take the job doesn’t matter what, I do love UX and maybe in time I will grow to love the company but companies need to start treating the recruitment process as a two way street, and recruiters can really try enforce such behavior.

Second encounter

Anyway I then got a call from Jane a week later after applying with all my required documentation, with Jane wanting to touch base about the position. I then asked about the type of role it was, if it was senior, where was the company and also about the remuneration. Jane asked me what I was currently earning and then said that what I was looking for was not normal in the industry. However Jane did also mention she had no experience recruiting for UX roles prior to the one she was recruiting for with me. Believe me though that is not a problem, I get that we all start somewhere however, Jane was very unsure on the phone if the position was a senior or junior position, she was unsure of market related salaries and kept trying to explain to me that the company may not be OK with the salary I was asking for.


My review of the experience

I understand how it normally works, a lot of companies see your value based on the salary you were previously earning and then look at a 10% – 15% increase for your new position. This is why they often ask for your most recent payslip, and Jane did indicate she would need my most recent payslip. However technically my abilities have increased a lot since working at my current position, this has happened because every single evening I come home and work on researching principles, methods and processes in UX, I have done and am still doing numerous courses on UX from theory to practicing processes for human centered design etc. Where do companies draw the line at understanding that your previous position does not define your future positions??


The worst thing companies want is an employee taking on a role only to leave in a short period of time because another company is offering them real value for what they can offer. I also think that often recruiters try and lower your salary expectations, so that they can get the candidate in the door as quick as possible and make their cut. I don’t think every recruiter is this way, and I have met some wonderful recruiters over the years. I often see recruiters stating on LinkedIn that they would love to meet possible candidates over coffee first to chat about the position, this is awesome and really helps both parties with networking. Maybe that position wasn’t suited for that individual but you then have an understanding of what they are looking for, and can maybe ring them up again in the future should a position that would be suited to them arise. I absolutely love coffee dates and I often use them to rope people in for interviews for the blog as well haha! By the way, I have recently interacted with the best recruitment company since then. They have friendly staff and a great method for getting on-board and hired, I will be doing a post on them specifically in the near future so look out for that. Out of interest the recruiter that is assisting me through this new recruitment company has indicated that my salary expectations for my role are very much in line with industry standards as well as in line with my portfolio and what I offer to date. This really creates a feeling of comfort and trust in the recruiter, because you off the bat feel as if they have your best interests at heart. Looking forward to working with this company in the future and I think both my partner and I will only be using this platform moving forward, as their service are impeccable and their method of recruitment perfectly tailored to the tech space. Happy researching until next time!


Bye for now

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