Day# 154: Interaction Design Foundation Review

Day# 154: Interaction Design Foundation Review

I have recently signed up for the Interaction Design foundation, having noticed the platform a while ago I was at first a bit apprehensive about spending the money at first. After doing some research I saw the online learning platform was endorsed by Don Norman and has a number of interesting features and functionality that make up the platform. Firstly the site has implemented many gamification tactics which keep you pushing on through each section, from the little ticks that you have after every completed section to being able to see your rank on a course locally and internally. Normally I am one of those extra confused initial users, and I was so glad to see that IDF generally practices what they preach when it comes to great UX.


How it works

So basically you pay a once off fee annually which is cleverly marketed as a small monthly fee that can only be paid annually, fair enough these are selling techniques and it certainly worked well in making me see how low the price actually was. Once you sign up you are entitled to every single course on the platform, you even have a section where you can enter your career goals and the courses that are most suited to you will be rearranged. I personally just picked courses that stood out to me. One thing that I did notice was how the site uses mechanisms showing courses filling up and that each course only takes a specific amount of students etc, I remember when I first saw it I just thought it was a sales pitch. However I now think it is perhaps related to the actual course content, because these courses do not only have content that you can watch and read but also content that you can answer through multiple choice as well as open ended questions. These open ended questions take time to answer and I’m sure having the resources to answer them needs to also be taken into account.


The courses are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced with a number of courses on UX, UI, and even some courses more focused on product management however I would say Uxers would benefit most from this platform. Once you start a course you have access to the course as long as your account is active, meaning after the one year subscription you would need to update your profile with IDF and pay the cost again, whether that increases or not I have yet to find out. The platform also has a kick back for current members where you can share a link with non existing members and if they use your link then they will get three months free of their subscription and you will get three months free off your next subscription. It’s a nice way to create awareness about the platform as well as to get users to commit for the next year by knowing you already have a lessor fee etc


About the courses

The courses in particular are all quite different from one another, I have personally started with all the beginner courses and have enjoyed them mostly, there is one instructor that tends to drone on occasionally, however that happens sometimes and he often does have a lot of interesting information to share. Currently I am doing courses on Gestalt psychology, become a UX designer from scratch, Interaction design for usability and my personal favorite psychology of e commerce. I would say the most intense is the Gestalt psychology course and I was really not prepared for that level of intensity from a fairly cheap online learning platform within the beginner category as well. The courses will have either multiple choice questions or open ended answers, the open ended answers have a great layout with the functionality for you to attach videos and imagery to explain your answers more in depth. Oh something to be aware of is that it is not like a Udemy that you can redo your answers till you get them right. Once you have answered a question that is simply it and if it is right or wrong it will affect your course marks permanently. The courses also come with certificates, the certificates are based on the level of completeness that you have achieved on the course in particular, and you also have the option to attach the course certificates to your LinkedIn profile. I like the idea of being able to download the courses as well and have them in a folder of my own, it just helps motivate me when I am feeling a bit run down to look back on everything I have accomplished in a more tangible fashion.


The various courses also have a timestamp for each section which I found super helpful, the platform has also tried very hard to create a strong community among its students with having forums on various courses and having non compulsory sections in each course where you can upload your work or questions etc and chat to others doing the course.


The good and the bad

I have noticed that the platform has odd grammatical or spelling errors on occasion, it almost seems as if it is either being translated by a non English speaker or was translated using a translating tool. There is a very easy to find report issues function though, and once I reported problems I was responded to very fast and told that they had fixed the issue. I recently also started noticing that not all the lessons have the time stamps, however again once mentioned to the report problem function, i got an email indicating they were handling it. I came across a connection of mine on LinkedIn recently who had a negative experience with the platform, indicating that he had a question that was phrased incorrectly (I think, if i remember correctly) and then his answer was marked incorrect, however when he reported the problem they indicated that the mistake was in fact on their side however he would not get the marks for that answer which was marked incorrectly. As I have said answers are marked as final and when it affects your final mark so significantly it can be frustrating especially if it was not of your own doing. I totally understand his frustrations, but I just feel for me so far the platform really has been great apart from the minor issues here and there. There are really good courses and I am thoroughly enjoying the psychology of e commerce course in particular.


I will probably renew my membership once it expires purely because the platform is so versatile and easy to use and learn from. Anyway happy researching until next time Uxers, and hope you enjoyed my review of the IDF platform, I will be doing more reviews of each course in particular moving forward but until then check out some of their free resources here

They really do have a lot of free resources, and this was mostly what I was using when I was first trying to decide if UX was for me or not, you can actually pick up a lot of valuable information from these free articles. I would also suggest following them on all your socials because they often release new articles on LinkedIn which I used to read more of when I was more beginner, Id say…I think obviously the more experienced you get, the more difficult it becomes to find quality free resources etc, hence why I now use this site for my self improvement on my UX journey.

Check out another review of the platform here


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