Day# 155: Designing UX for an internal CMS platform

Day# 155: Designing UX for an internal CMS platform

I was recently tasked with designing a section of a company’s internal CMS platform, to give a bit of a background the company is fairly conservative and an old school company in general. They had been using the system for apparently over 10 years below I will be describing my general experience and learning of the project without giving too many details away


What I learned about the original interface


  • It was only internal, staff used the platform for a variety of different functions


  • The UX
    • The original actual system was a square interface that could not be enlarged to fit the entire screen of the user
    • Users would always use the interface at their desktop computers
    • Users had very different goals from department to department for the platform, however within departments it became more refined on goals
    • The system was so difficult to use staff had to constantly receive training
    • The system would constantly break, from my perspective I really don’t know the reasons for this. The company employed a team of devs to constantly patch up issues until they decided to finally take the plunge and redo the system all together

What I noticed was that one staff member initially thought it was for the developers job to figure out the way the product would look, their process before I was brought on board was that the developers would ask for details on style of buttons and placement etc and the staff would look at the situation in a way of discontentment to an extent. As if “Why can’t the developers figure this out?” This comes from a place of lack of experience in the tech space but also not enough communication on the project, prior to being involved business analysts were involved to almost project manage and secure everyone’s information and wants and needs for their significant sections. I think companies with these types of characteristics are difficult to get UX involved in because often it may be perceived as more design than functionality, the result will be having UX liaise with design etc which is beneficial but not the only solution.


I think another problem is that some of these old school companies are not even aware of the benefits of UX until it is too late and the project is already being rolled out, or worse that the project is rolled out and doing poorly and then the reasons are either completely unknown for it not succeeding or a variety of abstract subjective reasons for it not working. I think often you always see the perfect projects where companies love and understand UX from the get go, however that is not at always the case. Certainly companies are moving forward in tech but you have to be prepared for the scenario that you may actually struggle and you will have to create methods for dealing with obstacles you may face. In conclusion though the project is still ongoing and has begun to run more smoothly, it just takes some time to help people understand how UX can improve the businesses internal systems on a whole with research and user testing.


Happy researching until next time..

bye for now

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