Day# 156: Be open to criticism, UX portfolio Review

Day# 156: Be open to criticism, UX portfolio Review

I recently met with a friend I connected with at a UX meetup a while back. We actually sat next to each other at an event and exchanged numbers and have met up a few times since then. We decided to make our most recent catch up one where we would share our portfolios and current work. I was really impressed with her current job, she was really thrown into a deep end and had to create a very complex client facing system. She has also been using Axure RP to create very realistic looking prototypes, for anyone who doesn’t know Axure RP, it is a lot more than just a platform that can create formidable wire-frames, it really has a lot of features and it just takes some time to learn the software so you can do some really cool prototyping work.


Anyway I decided to share my portfolio with her and she had some really valuable feedback, funny how I have advise on making your portfolio shorter and not have too much copy and here I go and do that very thing! It was good to have a fresh set of experienced UX eyes go over my portfolio, and I had to remind myself not to explain a section more to her because then that would affect her perception. I needed to see that she understood each case study and significant project without me having to explain it. As I indicated above she had some valuable changes that I will be sitting and going over this weekend. It can be difficult when you have criticism especially over your portfolio but I really do advise everyone try this once in while whether its with someone who is not related to your industry at all or if you are lucky enough to get a recruiters opinion depends on you and your connections. I have included a video presentation below that I found on UX portfolios, watch at your own peril because I found I made a few of this mistakes and cringed inwardly haha!


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