Day# 157: Doing favors for colleagues

Day# 157: Doing favors for colleagues

I wanted to discuss this because this was really something I was always unsure of in my career earlier on. It really is a tricky situation when you are new to the company and want to make a great impression, then a colleague asks for your help on something work related. I have helped in this situation before even though, I had a lot on my own plate, the problem comes in when you don’t help then you are known as the no go team mate, and colleagues can sometimes become spiteful towards you when it is a work related task. The problems I have faced have been when working at a small company, you will often get tasks that are not directly related to your line of work, dependent on the company culture you may then be forced to assist or asked to assist.

Normally these “favor” tasks are to be considered as extra, and you often still need to meet your general deadlines even though you are helping someone else out, dependent on the company again. I have faced another type of favor though and that is the favor of accepting delayed tasks. This has honestly been the bane of my existence haha! I really do get when there are just certain tasks that come in late, I mean I worked at an agency as a designer, clients are known to ask for artwork really at the last minute. However after allowing the favor twice, I started to notice a pattern, the breaking point for me was when the person in question submitted late and I had to work on the artwork, and they went home.. I started putting my foot down in meetings and confronting the person for constantly being late, you want to be mindful of favors with work sometimes they may turn into a regular occurrence and you just have to be firm and still maintain relationships with those that you work with. This is an ongoing battle with colleagues and one that I think a lot of people face, as Uxers we have to deal with lots of different departments from development, to design and business intelligence. It really helps when you have formed close relationships with all these teams to get the most out of everyone for all the potential projects and tasks on those projects. I think I will do a post specifically on working with developers in the near future, but for now check out the video below by Linda Reiner she does videos mostly on the interview process and how to land a job etc, however below she discusses how to make a a good first impression at a new job. Happy researching until next time!

Bye for now!

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