Day# 160: The 6 types of usability testing, part 3

Day# 160: The 6 types of usability testing, part 3

Hi there Uxers! For today I wanted to look at the testing of errors, I have had to fill in countless forms in the past where you get told to fill in the form then at the end you have an error message saying you must fill in all required fields or something similar. However when you scroll up you have no inclination of which is the required field, this is poorly displaying the required fields as well as poor communication of the errors. When a user has made an error they want to know that it can be fixed with ease, they want to know exactly what the error was so that they can make sure they don’t make it again. An example of an error I encountered professionally recently was the below


Case study example

  • User would be instructed to add their password
  • Password was a specific combination of letters,numbers and symbols
  • Users are young but generally very poverty stricken and are on bursaries
  • These users despite being young are not familiar with technology the same way other youthful users are
  • Expecting these users to understand that a password needs to contain the entire 7 digit combination is difficult for the user
  • A hint below the password input area will help the user with knowing how to structure their password
  • When they get it wrong the user needs to have the hint highlighted in the event that they did not read it from the get go


Below are some general steps to error testing, note that not all these steps may be your responsibility as a Uxer, however it is always good to be aware of everything that needs to tested and perhaps discuss the steps with the dev team and other departments involved on the project


Errors and exception testing

  • Interactions between servers
  • Errors are handled properly
  • Are error messages displayed appropriately
  • Error messages are understandable
  • Test for transaction interruption or lost connection


Happy researching until next time Uxers,

Bye for now!

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