Day# 162: Testing of the information Architecture, part 5

Day# 162: Testing of the information Architecture, part 5

Information architecture is basically the organisation of information on a product, whether that be a website, App or internal system, all projects need a organised hierarchy of information. With smaller projects it may not be such a long and laborious task, however think of platforms that are very information intensive. A good example of this would be a tertiary education site, these sites are meant to house a variety of different departments of information, the information relates to all types of users from lecturers to young students and postgraduate students.  Another example would be Government websites, in South Africa we have the department of Home Affairs which handles all queries relating to identity documentation, marriage and death certificates etc. The site is extremely confusing to navigate through and it takes forever to find what you are looking for as a user, before my experience with UX, I knew it felt wrong but I didn’t quite know why, now understanding user experience and information architecture, I can see that the layout of the Department of Home Affairs site is really laid out in a very confusing manner. I may go into more detail in the future describing each section of the government site I am talking about, and how it can be improved, but for now check out this general explanatory video on information architecture below.



I found this valuable resource on information architecture, the article even has some IA books to look out for, I have not read any of the recommended books however I have been meaning to order some UX books online and will look into the ones mentioned in the article


This article then discusses the Nested doll and Bento Box IA models, the Nested doll or Nested lists model is more about providing the user with a navigation and a sub navigation to flow through. This method does make it tricky for users to move easily from within selection to other nested sections. The Bento Box model follows more of a Hub page type layout, where you can access all content from one main section.


  • Information Architecture
    • IA models
      • Hub: all pages must be accessed from one page, can not go from page to page
      • Nested lists
      • Bento box
      • Filtered view
    • Global and local navigation


Happy researching until next time Uxers,


Bye for now!

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