Day# 163: Behind the scenes of the X-Men title sequence

Day# 163: Behind the scenes of the X-Men title sequence

As someone who really loves watching tv, I often treat myself to a show when I have accomplished the more mundane tasks. I really watch a lot of genres from comedy, to sci fi and of course Game of Thrones basically has its very own genre. However I find my experience of the title sequence to be different to some people, I noticed some people tend to skip the title sequence all together whereas I only did that with really long title sequences or boring ones. For example Anime has some really long up to one minute title sequences which are in another language sometimes with no subtitles unlike the rest of the show. I would always skip those, where as Game of Thrones had such an amazing title sequence I never skipped it, I also remember watching the Dexter title sequence every single time. I think the era of title sequences were common when you waited for your show to air on tv and watched it in the moment, however now with being able to fast, forward skip and record at your disposal, it has really changed the dynamic of title sequences.


I was probably under 10 years old when I was watching the X Men cartoon, however recently I found this video and I found myself reminiscing over the X Men cartoon, it was a wonderful series and I absolutely loved it as a child, however as an adult I barely remember much about the plot except which characters were my favorite and of course the title sequence. I really enjoyed how this video discusses all the effort that went into making this title sequence successful and enjoyable to viewers, and they even explained why they thought the previous X Men cartoon was not successful with its title sequence, check out the video below on the insane process that goes into title sequences…


X Men video

The video discusses how important a title sequence is for a TV show, how it sets the scene and gives hints of characters, abilities of the mutants and the overall theme of the show in a such a short span of time. Really have a lot more respect for title sequences now, however as the author of the X-Men title sequence indicated now title sequences are made to be a lot shorter, removing the once story like structure that they originally possessed.

I can’t end this post off without referring to one of my ultimate favorite shows, I would have to say that Black Mirror is probably my favorite show purely because of its extremely unpredictable nature and unique plot lines however they don’t have a consistent title sequence, or not one that I have seen when watching the show. The show I am referring to for the example below, is American Horror story. It is a show comprised of eight seasons thus far, not sure if this will be the last, but its title sequences are really a masterpiece in their own right. I remember being pretty damn scared after watching the title sequence of the show alone, the show also boasts a completely unique plot for each season and with that a whole new title sequence, for me it has become somewhat of a ritual watching the title sequence and it is such an enjoyable show that I feel compelled to watch the title sequence, as ridiculous as that may sound I do it every time haha!



This post was not as UX related as some of my other posts, but I thought I would chat about some other facets of how users perceive content in different ways, as well as the way in which various artists create a method for communicating their goal to their end user.. Happy researching until next time Uxers!


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