Day# 164: Mental models in UX

Day# 164: Mental models in UX

Hi Uxers! Today I want to discuss mental models, mental models are the ideas that users may have of certain things. For example the placement of something being in a certain location, or perceptions on what certain items may do. The video below explains mental models in a simple yet informative manner check it out


I often turn to the Nielsen Norman Group as an informative resource on any UX topic, the actual sites boasts numerous tests done as well as articles explaining various principles etc. I really would advise if you have not checked out the Nielsen Norman Group site, that you have a look because it is really a breath of valuable resources for research and processes for Uxers


Back to mental models, they can change from person to person based on culture, location etc so the way to understand what the mental models are for your users in particular is through research. User research will help you understand what types of mental models your particular users have built up over time and are using when interacting in the digital space. The video below is a bit longer, however Jamal Nichols explains the concept of mental models very clearly, using examples both modern and old. There are even questions at the end, one of which is on the concept of how people can have very different mental models and he agrees that research is the key to understanding those mental models


Happy researching until next time Uxers!

Bye for now

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