Day#165: Eye tracking for testing User Experience

Day#165: Eye tracking for testing User Experience

I have been looking into eye tracking and will be looking into some specific eye tracking tools in the near future as well, for today I wanted to discuss the process of eye tracking in general. The process of eye tracking is to determine where the users eye is directed, the word saccade refers to the movement of the eye, and a fixation refers to when the eye is fixated on an element or location for half a second. Half a second may seem super fast, however when it comes to scanning over an interface, the eye moves extremely quickly. Gaze plots are in UX terms sort of like the user journey of the eye, what stops does the eye make on its process of going over your site or App. Check out the video below on eye tracking in UX, the sound does have a weird buzzing noise but the content is really worth the time, so give it a listen.


Some resources on eye tracking

Below is an in game example of a player using an eye tracking tool in the game PUBG, it actually made me think about getting one myself and perhaps doing a series of posts on different games and what the gaze plots of the various games on the market are. Really looking forward to doing more specific posts on UX in gaming in the future..

Happy researching until next time Uxers!

Bye for now

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