Day#169: What is one thing that is clear to you about X

Day#169: What is one thing that is clear to you about X

Hi Uxers so today I am going to tackle a question I found in an interview I watched online by Higher Resolution. They chat to really interesting industry professional from a multitude of big name companies and get their experiences and views on company management and thoughts on processes etc. The full question was what is one thing that is clear to you about design that you think is not clear to others, this can be used for various different subjects and industries and is probably a really great interview question. You will be able to tell where the person is at in their career and what they value.


In turn I think often companies tend to either purposefully keep a lot from candidates or not know how to communicate certain aspects even perhaps. Using this question in reverse in an interview is also another interesting method, for example you can do the following.


  • What is one thing that you think staff really like about the company
  • What is one thing that the company gets right with projects very well
  • What is one that the company knows about their users, but that you feel your competitors don’t


The last one is a bit more specific but i suppose it depends on the company, the type of role and the stage of the interview process that could define whether it is a suitable question or not. Its a tricky road, because companies can still just say what they want you to know about them but it is a unique way of getting out some information on your new prospective employer


In relation to the actual question, I wanted to answer it for design as well as UX,


What is one thing that is clear to you about design, that you don’t think is clear to others

I think design teams lack the structure that dev teams have orchestrated by creating systems like Agile, Scrum and Kanban. I think design is considered a fashionable career and people are getting into the industry without actual knowledge of what they will be doing on a day to day basis. I think designers like to believe they are creative but it often being stuck between a rock and a hard place of the client making demands not based on facts but rather on emotions etc and designers make changes without any backing


What is one thing that is clear to you about UX, that you dont think is clear to others

Aaah well I still have a lot to learn in the UX field but I do think that UX is sometimes perceived as apart of creative by a lot of people and not valued for the research and technical side that makes the industry so vital for business. I think I thought that to get into UX i needed to have a psychology degree and I felt lost, forget about the amount of people that told me it was either so easy to make the transition or impossible. I would say it has been neither for me, i have worked hard at learning UX but i have really enjoyed getting into this industry so much and i am so glad that i didn’t have to do a 4 year degree. Don’t get me wrong studying is always a great tool and i am constantly doing short courses through many platforms but full time long term tertiary courses are not the only avenue to get into User experience


Anyway that is all for today, I leave you with the original video interview by Higher Resolution where they interview the director of Design at Uber

Happy researching until next time Uxers, bye for now!

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