Day#173: Steve Krug, UX and usability testing

Day#173: Steve Krug, UX and usability testing

All Uxers should know Steve Krug he is the writer of books like Don’t make me think and Rocket surgery made easy. I first heard about him from various You-tubers when learning about the basic of UX, his book is often referred to as a point of reference and eye opener in understanding how to create projects that are easier for users.I recently came across this wonderful presentation that I will share below, where Steve Krug takes you through his goals for UX, what makes a great user experience and proceeds to running a remote usability test with a participant. He then even answers some questions at the end, so make sure you stick out the entire video presentation. It is long but really worth the listen, if you are having doubts about your first usability tests that are coming up and not sure how to approach and discuss questions and the process with users check out the video and hear how Steve Krug explains the process to the participant.


If you still here after that video then I know you must mean business, haha but on the real if you didn’t know about this before just up the speed of videos on YouTube. Often certain You-tubers talk much slower and if it’s something you basically grasp but want to hear about more it’s an easy way to take in content in a faster manner. Anyway below is another video by Jesse Showalter, he discusses the book I was referring to above written by Steve Krug called “Don’t make me think”. He explains it in a very honest manner and discusses what stood out for him in the book and possible iterations that they could have made when they released the second edition.



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