Day#177: Offerzen causing waves in the recruitment industry

Day#177: Offerzen causing waves in the recruitment industry

Hi Uxers, so I have spoken about Offerzen before but that was before I actually experienced the platform myself. Prior to that I was basing my view on research into their methods of recruitment and chatting to people who have used their platform. So a bit of general mechanics of the platform first, the site allows for you as the job seeker to create your profile and stick up your salary expectations and locations and general career goals for your next position. Companies then find you by searching for title X and can communicate with you via their platform with an inbox functionality. Your profile as a job seeker can not be “online” and view-able for an undisclosed amount of time, in fact Offerzen has a four week sprint where your profile is live. This then helps both parties, so companies know you are fresh on the market and actively looking. As well as when approached you are met with a company that is actively looking to fill a current position. I love the fact that companies know from the get go what an employee is looking for and can see if their goals align. I 100% also love that the salary situation is out of the way and companies know off the bat what you are looking for.


So after I signed up on the site, I was allocated a Talent Adviser, guys no these people are GEMS, and it’s not just me. I have heard from countless other people that they are so involved and helpful throughout the process and my experience was nothing short of amazing, that being said I did come from the design industry. Where the industry is very saturated and low pay is the norm with recruiters rushing you so fast into positions you get whiplash. I mean that’s not just design, recently I had that with a recruiter contacting me on LinkedIn as well wanting me to apply without proper details etc but not at all the case with Offerzen. So a few days before my profile went live I was mailed asking if I could submit my t shirt size and address etc, and then before my profile was even live I received the cutest free gift. I mean who says no to free things, and AND it had an adorable pug-maid, mer pug? I’ll include an image below, it was basically a pug with a mermaid tail ha! Love it!!


By the way I can’t help but include some UX and behavioral science into this, that’s reciprocity right there, I mean I technically did sign up on the site but I had not actually made the company any money and yet they sent me a cute t shirt, with some other branded items. Humans have reciprocity ingrained so deep into our behavior that even though you may not like what the product or service is that you are given that you will still feel indebted and wanting to give back. Anyway my actual experiences with the companies that came back to me was not as great as I would have liked, so I am going to do some reworking of my case studies in my portfolio. There was also an issue that arose about my salary stipulations, but my Talent Adviser was really helpful and motivating through the whole process. Offerzen really cares about the candidates, and he mentioned how companies are guided and helped with their process when they struggle, basically they are assigned their own talent adviser as well.


Oh oh did I mention they have a cool cash back incentive as well, so if you invite a friend to Offerzen and they get a position on the platform you make 5k then if you get a job through the company you also get 5k. I mean recruitment companies are probably making a lot for helping place people if they can have cash incentives like this but hey I’m not complaining a 5k pick me up sounds just fine to me! Oh I included my personal link because I am signed up for the site so if you click any of the Offerzen links above that’s where it will take ya! 


I think I will actually go through the experience in a future post that I had with the companies that reached out to me, may help and be a great learning experience for me to unpack it as well. To end off though I really think anyone in the tech space should give the site a try, it’s a really smooth experience where companies can contact you and you can state off the bat what you are looking for, almost cutting out the general middleman recruiter so to speak but keeping the handy advice that recruiters can and should be giving for your benefit. Happy researching until next time Uxers

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