Day#179: TechMentors is up!

Day#179: TechMentors is up!

Hey Uxers guess what!! We have been working on this idea for a while and I only wanted to share it when I had an actual site to share, so here goes. Techmentors is a site we created to help assist juniors in the tech field, from Software Development, to Devops and of course UX! I am so excited to be sharing this, we are hoping to help lots of other juniors take the step into the field with a helping hand by us and many other highly skilled professionals. My fiance and I created the site, because we understood the hardships we felt entering into this incredible field with no support. We are both self taught, myself with UX and him with Software Development, and honestly we had no idea where to start. I know I would just read any article that had the words UX in it, and almost relied on the guidance of my search engine results for my learning material. Yes studying through a reputable College or University can get you there, but often not everyone has the finances for that and it is a big investment if you are not sure you want to change your career or spend a lot for a career you are not sure about at a young age.


Techmentors will also help with interview prep, doing test interviews with you and reviewing possible improvements. We will also help with CV’s and portfolios, because let’s face it starting in a new industry is confusing and even after years in the design field when I first started in UX I had no idea how to set up my portfolio for jobs. Don’t worry about me blabbering on about TechMentors all the time, I won’t be talking about the project in every post from now on, I am just super excited it is up and wanted to share the idea with everyone. If you know of someone that may be interested then please do share with them. We are still working on the details of the site and will obviously be running lots of usability tests with professionals and novice users alike. Happy researching until next time Uxers.


Bye for now!

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