Day#184: Occam’s Razor in UX

Day#184: Occam’s Razor in UX

Hey Uxers! Ever heard of Occam’s razor? Well today I am going to explain a rather interesting premise and then proceed to explain it’s relation to UX. So Occam’s razor basically refers to the way in which us as people base our assumptions and come to conclusions. Occam’s Razor indicates how the statement with the most explanatory content and least assumptions would lead us to believing that this is the best option. It seems like common knowledge perhaps for some but if you have ever been in a brainstorming event you know the trials and tribulations of discussing possible features and changes on a product. Before I get ahead of myself, take a look at the video below on Occam’s Razor


Now that you have given the video a watch, I wanted to discuss its significance to UX, firstly the amount of assumptions can be narrowed down (hopefully) through research. You will then be able to explain the idea in great detail, the idea of using the method of Occam’s Razor will also help you predict decisions the company may perhaps choose to go with. In the past as a designer it was a total mystery sometimes waiting for feedback on creative projects but with UX data and research compiled, you can perhaps predict and work on ways that your project will be viewed when presented to stakeholders. Occam’s Razor can also be referred to the way in which users see your content, so it can also help you understand actions in usability testing as well as general user behavior. When users are being enticed to commit, the logical part of the users brain will want to justify their decision with this rational approach, it may help if the characteristics of your product or service provide a favorable Occam’s Razor premise. For example showing less assumptions on the product and being open about the value of the product and what the product can do for the user. The premise of Occam’s Razor is that something should simply be as simple as possible, and in relation to UX your users will appreciate and understand your product better when this is kept in mind, even when creating complex detailed products


Below is another video to round off Occam’s Razor before I sign off

What is Occam’s Razor

Laws of UX on Occam’s Razor

By the way this site above (Laws of UX) is great, I often refer to the site on my blog and they go through a lot of the laws and principles that will help any Uxer with their projects.

Happy Researching until next time Uxers

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