Day#188: Service Design Meetup 2018

Day#188: Service Design Meetup 2018

Hey Uxers, so I went to another event, phew this has been a rather busy month what with the UX SA Conference and now this Service Design Meetup I am very much used to spending all my free time in my comfy little home. Anyway I actually heard about the Service Design Meetup at the UX SA Conference, where we had little business cards with the details of the event in our gift bags, I have an image of my cute little invite as the pinned image of this post by the way. I decided to give it a go and was really glad that I joined in for this awesome event. Firstly we had the Meetup at the Kin offices, Kin is an Application made to help make social money matters easier to handle. Kin helps you plan, track, split and settle money matters with your friends and family, the concept is interesting and the company has just released the first version live for users to Download. You can check out the Sign up details here

Their offices have swings which I didn’t dare sit on in case they were ornamental, I was not prepared for that level of embarrassment haha! Upon arrival there were drinks and a lovely book display with all the popular tech Startup Titles and some interesting UX titles I would love to gets my hands on too. The event was hosted by Kin and IQ Business Cape Town with the main organizer being Alan Williams from IQ Business, Alan was so easy to chat with, and even mentioned my blog when he started the event. Yay for UxerGirl!

For me what I enjoyed about the event was how Alan spoke about Co Design, he introduced the topic explaining how collaboration is key for successful projects, the concept in its pure form did seem similar to Agile for me. The problem comes in when companies practice Agile and interpret it in their own way. I’m sure the Gods of the Agile Manifesto will start enforcing strict lightning bolt punishment on those who misinterpret their spoken word, but for now it looks like Co Design may be the answer. Alan then went into explaining Service Design as the intangible experience whereas UX is more the tangible experience relating to digital. In comparison many speakers at UX SA spoke about how UX is not just about online experiences and we need to understand that creating the best and easiest possible experiences for our users should be the consensus for both online as well as offline behavior with UX in mind for everything. There will always be different opinions on concepts, theories and methods and I just wanted to mentions both sides before moving forward with adding my view to the mix as well. I think a great video to help anyone understand the difference between, UX, CX and SD will be the below presentation by Kerry Bodine. While we were in the presentation Carin Bowman scribbled it on a note for me to watch later thanks Carin! As well as Alan Williams shared the link on the Meetup group, so I knew it must have been a good one. Really advise everyone to give it a watch it is a long video, but a very easy and informative watch. 

If you scrolled past then shame on you! These were some of the topics and points that stood out for me:

  • The importance of great Customer Experience
  • How customers can have emotional responses to outcomes and promises made by the organisation that are broken
  • Understanding Net Promoter scores (The “Rate Us” surveys that companies send out and how companies work out promoters and detractors)
  • The iceberg theory (With a great metaphor and diagrams to explain the theory)
  • What is Service Design & Service Blue prints

The video really helped clarify where UX, CX and SD sit in the industry and I enjoyed all the examples and ideas Kerry Bodine shared, a lot of thanks to people like this in the industry for sharing their knowledge and experiences.

In relation to Alan discussing Co Design and Service Design,  totally understand where he is coming from, it does not help creating this wonderful online experience and then not following through with in store Service Design. For me Service Design always referred to the in Store experience commonly referred to as Customer Experience, yet after the video above I really feel I have a much better grasp on the concept on a whole. I think there will always be new terms and more terms added as certain industries bring forth new specializations and opportunities to better the over all experience and customer journey.  The main purpose for me, in this industry of designing worthy and wonderful experiences will always be; what the goal is for the customer , and in turn what the goal of the business is. The in between can evolve and mutate and I am totally fine with that if it helps me get those end goals ticked off. Thanks so much to IQ Business, Alan Williams, and everyone else involved in organizing the event. I can’t wait for the next Meetup for the Service Design Group whoop whoop! Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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