Day#191: Importance of feasibility research

Day#191: Importance of feasibility research

Hey Uxers! For today I wanted to go through the importance of research into feasibility. Understanding the feasibility of a project is a rather large task, however going into a task headstrong without any actual knowledge on the product will most likely result in a failure or a lucky success. The idea of conducting research into the feasibility of a product or service has the goal of understanding the goals of the market, the competitors and their place and value in the market and where you product will sit in the industry. Dependent on the product, it may be an easier process, however the more detailed the research, and the more time spent on gathering valuable research, the more knowledge you will have on the overall feasibility of the product or service you aim to produce. Take a look at this simple video below, showing two types of business owners, one is blindly spending large amounts of capital on marketing and branding not really understanding what the market wants to see, and not understanding why the marketing is not helping and leading towards the success of the product. Whereas the other does a lot of feasibility research into understanding multiple variables about their business and the users of their product.



As you can see a lot of the research conducted for understanding the feasibility of a product falls under UX with understanding the user. However a fair amount can and should have been done by Business Analysts, so this is why I am always an huge advocate for Business and UX to work so closely together, the information from both sides can often benefit the other. I have even heard of some companies having the usability testing conducted with UX and BA’s working together simultaneously on the project. The problem may come in where the research you have collected is not in line with the actual business however this is where you will have to present it to senior members of the company. UX tends to have a lot of introverts in the industry, but this is where UX needs to really shine. If the presentation is not explained well, and leaves any room for doubt companies may actually still go with their original decision and not be persuaded to pivot in a more favorable direction. Note that this is not me indicating that every single project needs to pivot when research does not align with the company goals. It may just mean changing features or adjusting strategies. Being confident in presentations and explaining content in a clear and concise manner will really help, if you know this a particular weakness of yours then start working on it now. Don’t wait for the moment when you will have a presentation in the horizon to try frantically to work on your fear of public speaking etc. I am a actually considering joining ToastMasters myself in the near future, check out what Toastmasters do here


Before ending off I wanted to add another video, keep in mind this video is for feasibility into clinical research but a lot of the ideas can be implemented with changes for UX.


The video is from the point of view of someone applying for a position in a the clinical feasibility research industry. However these may be the types of questions you may have to answer when understanding the feasibility of the product you are working on. I can’t wait to have my own channel up and be doing very UX related content on all these topics. Happy researching until next time Uxers

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