Day#192: Lean UX

Day#192: Lean UX

Its December Uxers, happy festive month! And for this post I will be discussing Lean UX, this book was written by authors Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden. The video below is an AMA (Ask me anything) with Jeff Gothelf and it is interesting to hear his take on conceptualizing the book as well as other questions like how to tackle Lean UX in an organisation and how many projects you should be working on at any given time. He discusses the negative cost involved with content switching, and in reality you see how certain companies in a multitude of industries have perfected preventing this very thing. For example in the food industry Mcdonald’s is known for their factory line procedure with fast food, and when I worked as a designer at a big Online Gambling company they had their factory line down to a tea. For example there was a strict briefing process and it was almost an unsaid rule but certain designers would constantly be working on certain content, this then became a cycle with those designers building up a consistent momentum on certain projects.


Lean UX refers to the way in which projects with UX can be carried out with constraints whether those constraints be financial or time related. Often it can be frustrating for UX to have to produce the same results in half the time, and Jeff Gothelf discusses many ways for this to be done. They also go into a controversial statement that he made about Jira, “Being a place to lose sight of work” I think it is always interesting to hear about other people’s perceptions and experiences, you will find with doing this you may learn a better way to perform a certain task better, or understand pain points in your own processes. In light of the above I actually found that Jeff’s statement was so spot on, he states how Jira is used as a communication tool instead of a project management tool, and funny enough I have actually experienced this working with a Dev House in the past where instead of being included in sprint meetings we were instructed to fill in testing issues and various other comments on Jira. This created such unnessesary barriers between UX and Dev and the over all project had many communication errors. Check out the video below for the full discussion, it is a longer video but give it a watch, when you have some time. 

Below is another video I found where the speaker mentions Lean UX this seems to more refer to the iterative process of having a lean user experience rather than focusing on getting all the fancy deliverables done that Uxers often want to do.

I’m thinking about doing a book giveaway in the near future, so come back soon to see more on me giving away books like Lean UX and a few more UX related books that I will be going through in the future. Happy researching until next time Uxers


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