Day#195: Communicating with Colleagues

Day#195: Communicating with Colleagues

Hey guys for today I wanted to chat about communication with colleagues and you can probably use that were communicating with people in your personal life as well. I would say for me something I had to learn over time was how do present myself in meetings and also how do present topics and information that I wanted to speak about. Basically I never knew how to talk about something in a polite and professional manner.

Actually I remember a story from a long time ago maybe over 10 years ago and I was temping at a Big Blue Chip company, what happened was there was an investigation into the managers and our department, and bit of the back story was that I had felt on previous occasions that the manager was not very organised and helpful. In the meeting where I was asked about other questions I blurted out these issues that I had and looking back it was inappropriate to say that then and it came from a place where I was obviously building that tension and conflict up in myself and had no avenue to speak about it.  A more recent issue I would have to say would be colleagues that you don’t particularly get along with as well as relating to the way in which you tackle projects with your colleagues may not be the same, I think the solution for this would

be that you would have to approach it with the colleague in question and try bring it up with them, you don’t want to be that colleague who goes directly to management the first sign of a mistake. Because yes it may be when someone makes a mistake and it influences your work flow it upsets you in the moment, but remember at some point you’re probably going to make a mistake as well and having that person know that you went to management when they made a mistake is going to influence them to most likely to do the same. Saying that though when you have colleagues who make consistent mistakes, you would want to report to management so make sure when you do that you keep things professional and stick to the topic at hand, nothing worse than it looking like you are trying to end someone’s career because you are upset they missed a deadline

I think something I have learnt over all in the past 10 years of working and studying is that people want to feel heard and valued for their opinion, often the second part can not always be ticked off if the idea is particularly not suitable to to project you are working on. However I always try and make people know that I have heard their requests, and make them feel as if I have listened to them and then worked on giving the most logical and sound decision for the project. Happy researching until next time Uxers!

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