Day#198: Don’t lose sight of your goals

Day#198: Don’t lose sight of your goals

Hey Uxers! This festive season I wanted to do a post that will probably not go down so well in light of everyone wanting to party and relax in the upcoming midst of all the wonderful public holidays etc coming up. Yes December often means catching up on time with those you love and relaxing but don’t lose sight of your goals. I have noticed with myself how difficult it is to build positive habits which help towards my future and unfortunately it is always a lot easier to break positive habits than build them, so this festive season have a plan with small ways to stick to your goals. Whether your goal is to stick to your diet, or keep training and reach the fitness goals you want. For me it is keeping up with my UxerGirl blog and working on creating content plans etc. I obviously want to keep up with my courses and doing small increments of career based self improvement as time passes so that I can keep growing in my knowledge of user experience and user research methods and practices.

Check out the video below by Peter Dinklage, if you dont know who Peter Dinklage is then conversation over! Kidding but really go and watch Game of Thrones before learning anything else, I will totally allow this detour.

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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