Day#199: Creating a usability test template

Day#199: Creating a usability test template

Hey Uxers! I am all for planning and for today’s post I wanted to go through planning for your Usability tests. I found this really valuable article on Medium by David Travis. I actually knew of David Travis from one of the first few UX Courses I did through Udemy, which I review here

David Travis goes into detail of how he drafted this carefully constructed document with all the necessary details, he even uses examples indicating how the smallest detail like forgetting to let participants know clearly where the venue is can cost the company time and money. Travis then discusses how often he would get remarks on people wanting a shorter version when they would be working under a more LEAN UX model in Start ups for example. Below are topics that are discussed and laid out in “The Usability Test Plan Layout”

  • Product under test
  • Business case
  • Test objectives
  • Participants
  • Test Tasks
  • Responsibilities
  • The procedure

Furthermore Travis then goes into detail indicating how The Test Plan Dashboard misses certain details like

  • A recruitment screener
  • A statement of informed consent (I will be doing a post specifically on this soon)
  • A discussion guide
  • A post test questionnaire
  • Screenshots for annotation or a data logging system

You want to have everything laid out in advance, I often refer to it as “brain dumping” for certain content because if I don’t organize everything, I will keep having to remind myself of it mentally and often you will need that mental capacity to think about other things on the day. So having a note with reminding participants that the toilets are on the second floor will help the situation and you focused on the more crucial content for the day. Happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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