Day#200: It has arrived!

Day#200: It has arrived!

Hey everyone! I am so excited to announce, my Youtube recording gear has finally arrived. When I say finally, it’s not really like I ordered it months ago I suppose I kept deliberating and procrastinating the purchase because I was worried about this new adventure. It will really be something new and exciting so really looking forward to sharing content with you all in a video format soon!

The plan is to start releasing videos in 2019, with content ranging from interviews with Uxers and Researchers in the field, to methods and practices for budding professionals. I am really not sure on the amount of videos I will be releasing, possibly one a month for now. Especially since I will still be doing a post a day for a while still. Really looking forward to this, it certainly is mixed with a lot of nerves, because this is totally new for me. Do pop me a message if you have any ideas on videos etc.

I do have a content plan I am working on but obviously if I find people want to see certain content more, I will throw it in as well. Before I go, this channel below was very influential in helping me build the confidence and the knowledge for starting my YouTube Channel, so give them a watch if you are interested in working on your own. I really love stepping into something, only when I have a lot of knowledge on it and this channel really helps you understand how other You tubers made their Channels work, as well as what equipment you would need and not need! To be honest I would say that was a big hurdle for me, I kept telling myself it would be too expensive to set up all the equipment for a YouTube Channel, so I put it off thinking that at some other point in the future I would invest big and work on doing a Channel. The truth is a lot of Smartphones have amazing video capabilities and yes I bought some equipment, but really I did not spend that much, and if after 6 months I am finding I may need other lighting etc I will probably invest again then.

Happy researching until next time!

Bye for now

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