Day#201: Labels and titles

Day#201: Labels and titles

Hey there to all you wonderful people giving this little old blog a read, I wanted to chat about an article I came across recently, I won’t be sharing the article because I really feel I will not be sharing a lot of positive opinions on the article. The article was basically about how people call themselves UX Designers without actually being one, and that we are in an industry of self made Uxers. I really do think this industry has a lot of self taught Uxers, this is because there are not enough institutions providing long term courses on the content. The result is that you have a lot of cross pollination so to speak of professionals from other industries transitioning and working their way into the UX field. I do agree that the industry has a lot of professionals claiming to be UX professionals, but actually lack the skill set and abilities to be a successful Uxer. The article also goes into how calling yourself a User Experience Designer has become somewhat of a trend, I certainly agree design and development have had a lot of trendy words that influence job titles.For me it is about understanding my users on a deeper level, creating methods for equipping myself with that information and continuously learning in this ever changing industry.

I really think the last thing we as Uxers need is to separate ourselves even more by considering ourselves better than one another based on pesky titles. If there is another title in a year or two that better defines what I do, I may in fact change my title. Don’t get me wrong I won’t be calling myself a “Full stack Ninja” anytime soon but the premise of berating others for their chosen career title seems rather unnecessary to me. I have noticed people go into detail about how the title “User Experience Designer” has made the human entity that uses the end product sound rather clinical, however I am really happy to stick with this title, since I don’t think it comes from a place of malicious intent, or that the word itself is negative. It also becomes an issue with human resources and companies hiring in general, who can’t seem to keep up with all the changing job titles in the tech and creative industries. Then we get frustrated when a job title is not exactly what the title is claiming it is, however we keep reinventing existing titles. In truth I think these are normal teething issues that any fairly new industry would go through, and we as people are innately woven to group and separate ourselves. I say that because, I think title X may want to be known as the more elite part of the industry and thus look down on Y, but as I said as people we will always try and create grouping structures to be define as better or worse than one another, it is important to understand this ability for what it is, and see past it when necessary.

To end off I do think titles are important and having specialized titles helps for hiring opportunities as well as giving candidates hints on the jobs in question and so much more, however shaming people based on the title they are using because it has become an industry standard is really not the way, we can’t all be “Empowering companies through beautifully constructed pixel perfect designs” as a title, and having a clear title helps everyone along the way understand this weird mutating tech industry a little better.

Happy researching until next time Uxers

Bye for now

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