Day#203: Company introductions

Day#203: Company introductions

Hey everyone! For today I wanted to discuss when you start out at a new company and the measures that companies take to introduce you to their systems and processes. I once worked at a company where on my first day I sat down with my team lead and I was told what my tasks would be, the problem was that she was using so much internal jargon that I had no idea what she was talking about. I was semi junior, so my stress levels heightened thinking these were terms I was supposed to know. The interesting thing to note was that this very department had a few people who had left within days of starting the job. I think the problem comes in when people are surrounded by others who know the jargon and are not even aware of the fact that they are basically speaking another language to new staff.

The same company had a three day course on the company as a whole, however I still did not really have much of an idea of what I would be working on under creative and what some of the past work was. Departments need to start having their own internal induction for new staff especially if the content is not public for people to use and see on their own. The issue was that there was a lot of legalities around the content creative did, and no it was not porn! Haha Anyway the biggest problem here is that because all their work was hidden between legalities I couldn’t view much of it till I was hired, and when I was hired I was very much thrown in the deep end without having content explained extremely well.

Another place that I worked at had me sit in on status meetings with the team and I got briefed on projects without clear deadlines or project goals. I sat in my status on the first day and had a list of tasks without great explanations, and again a lot of jargon used that I simply did not understand about the company industry. In the beginning of the meeting I asked a few questions, but it was literally at every step of the way that I did not understand the jargon and I would really have held up the meeting. Often when you start in a new position, it is your responsibility as the new member to ask all the questions you can, but often we are not all this perfect specimen of confidence and curiosity in a new environment. Helping new staff members along the way by having a internal introductory meeting discussing the following would really help new staff members settle in a bit better

  • What are the company goals
  • Who is involved on various projects
  • Imagine you had a teenage child and you were tasked with explaining the concept of the department you work in to them. Explain every details from different past, present and future projects to relationships with various departments etc..
  • Ensure that as much details on past projects and existing projects is shared

I have phrased everything from the perspective of the companies hiring new staff, however these same questions can be posed by new staff as well. It’s really not a case of placing any blame just understanding where our weak points are and working on them, I know from past experience that I have certainly been to timid and worried about negative consequences when I was more of a junior designer. However now in a more senior position, I understand the value of plucking up the courage to ask these types of questions and if the company or person that I am posing them to does not see the importance of these topics then I know it is not the best place for me. As we come close to rounding off 2018, it has been a wonderful year of learning and sharing content on UxerGirl and I was just working on my Youtube intro sequence just last night. So catch you soon on UxerGirl Youtube! Happy researching until next time

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